From the recording COLD MOLASSES

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ANdroid Talk: Step Away from the Pipe… If you do not step away from the pipe…. your head will explode in five seconds….four …three…two (Drums) pop a ditty pop a ditty… Bass riff. He’s gonna fix me up. bump. I got no money

Title: I Just Keep Getting High (The Piper Song)
Based on the song: On and On
(Thank You Jesus) By Stefan Keith Howard (aka Peter B Beebles)
Download or sample the beginning of “Just My Imagination” by the Temptations
Download the song: I’m Gonna Sex you up to get an idea of the FEEL of the song.
Intro Ideas: (HE’S GONNA FIX ME UP

First Verse:
I’ve got no money and I’m down on the ground
There was a smile here now it’s just a frown
So I would (Bump) go down the corner...see my best friend
Sooner or later I’d/I’ll be back again

First Chorus:
On and On .(small build-Music Increases). I just keep gettin high and
Sometimes I laugh when I feel like cryin
On and On..On and On.. It’s my life.. as a PIPEPA (Piper) (you ok OG?talk)

Second Verse: I’ve got to find a way to..(Harmony) redeem my soul
There was a heart here now It’s just a hole
So won’t way, is there no future for me?
Eyes wide open but still I can’t see
Second Chorus
On and On(Some kind Of signature repetitive hook type sound Hmm ?) I just keep getting high and I
Talk to myself and I know that I’m lyin
On and on on and on won’t somebody help me…
First Bridge
Well now it’s (Build Instrumentally)to bad it’s awfully sad that I should
Live my life this way
I’ll take it day by day day by day,,I just might make it
If I pray……………

4 Bars of Effects: Siren/laughter/ drug language and street noise /rap examples: 6 for fifty?/dove?/..research or recruit known or unknown rapper.(TODAYS/CURRENT SLANG TERMS)
Third Verse:
I’ve got no money and tomorrow will be
Just like today, if it’s up to me
I’ve got to change but it’s so hard to do
I’d take one step then fall back two
Third Chorus (Same Identifiable sound with a little extra and a little different)
On and On I just keep getting higher
I try to sleep but my minds on fire
On and on on and on, who took my matches?

Fourth Verse:
Take time and listen…please hear what I say
Someone you know just might be fading away
So won’t you hold on tight with unconditional love
There is and answer from.. up above
Fourth Chorus:
On and On I just kept getting high and
I had to stop there can be no deigning
On and On On and On, It was my life as a Pipepa.
Second bridge
Well It’s to bad.. and awfully sad that I lived my life that way
I take it day by day by day by day..I know we’ll make it..If we pray(Mod right HERE on the word PRAY!!!!)

If we pray repeated but with Modulation??) (same cadence as the song “I’m gonna sex you up but with the following lyrics sung by mostly female church choir in harmony singing.” HE’S GONNA FIX YOU UP…hallelujah!

Other possible sampled sound Ideas and verbal inserted earlier in song:
Male voice saying “I got you” Research todays drug language
What’s up Window (OG) ..(Tone suggesting I got drugs, do you/I want to by some?)
Female police radio operator says “Shots fired”
What is the code for proceed to location without sirens?
2 for 10 4 for 20